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Boyds Home Parties

This is where you'll find information about our Boyds Home Party Program.

Hosting a Boyds Home Party is a fun reason to get together family, friends and neighbors, even co-workers. Host a party and before you know it, your place will be filled with good friends who will help you get lots of Boyds bears...for FREE!

Or show a catalog to family, friends and co-workers and take orders. It's that simple.

Boyds Home Parties

Guest Special

Christmas Ornament

Spend $50 at a
Boyds Home Party,
and you can take home
a Basketbeary
for just $1.00!

Beehive Gifts

Bears Against MS, in conjunction with Beehive Gifts, a Boyds Platinum dealer with a true store-front (not just an internet retailer), has a great Boyds Home Party Program with lots of benefits for both the Hostess and her Guests.

The larger the party, the better the benefits, but you can get FREE Stuff with just a $100 party. You can also have a "catalog only" party, where you simply take orders from friends and family.

For hosting a Boyds Home Party, here's what you could get:

Bear in Sweater


A Credit (based on your guests' purchases) towards Boyds stuff!

» A Discount on your own party purchases!
» A Gift Certificate (amount based on party sales) for other great gift items!
» One half-priced Boyds items for every $250 sold at your party!
» A Discount on other non-Boyds items (e.g. Jim Shore, Willow Tree, Painted Pony, etc.)!
» Incentives and Prizes for You and Your Guests!
» Special Offers each Month!

What are you waiting for?
Arrange a
Boyds Home Party TODAY
and start earning those
FREE Boyds Bears!!!

No matter where you live, I can help you host your party. If you're in the Central Florida area - from the east coast (Daytona) to the west coast (Tampa), I can be right there as the Bear Advisor at your party - explaining to your guests all about Boyds (the excellent quality, the great variety of items available, the smiles a bear hug brings), answering any questions, and generally making sure everyone has the beary best time with lots of fun and games.
Bea Goodfriend

While I love to travel, unfortunately hopping on a plane to be at Boyds Home Parties all over the country isn't an option, but that doesn't mean that I can't still be your Bear Advisor even if you don't live in my area. I figure anyone visiting this website is probably already an avid Boyds collector and can do all that "explaining" themselves (there's not a lot of "explaining" anyway, 'cause parties should be fun, not formal). So even if you don't live in Central Florida, I'd still be happy to be your "Long Distance Bear Advisor". With a little pre-event help from me (by mail and email) and my exclusive "Party Kit", together we can make your party a beary big success!

If you are interested in hosting a Boyds Home Party or if you would just like more information, please email me, using the link at the bottom of the left side panel, and let me know where you live. Please put "Boyds Home Party" in the subject line.

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