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Boyds Bearstones®
Celebrating Family

This is where you'll find some Boyds bearstones® that celebrate family. Some are current, others are older, secondary market ones.

They can be ordered individually...or, if they are from the current regular line, you can include them in a Boyds Home Party with all of its benefits, including FREE stuff!

The McBruins...Cherished Memories
Email us to check availability of any particular bear
and availability of 1Es.

Click on any of the pictures below to view a larger image.

The Heartlees...The Heart of All Great Things
The McBruins...Cherishsed Memories Momma
The Heartlees...
The Heart of
All Great Things
Spring/Summer 2009

The McBruins...
Cherished Memories
30th Anniversary
Limited Edition
Spring/Summer 2009

Mom and Taylor...Lil' Learner
Mary & Oliver...True Love Never Grows Old Momma, Grammy & Darla...Generations of Love
Mom and Taylor...
Lil' Learner
Fall/Winter 2008
Mary & Oliver...
True Love
Never Grows Old
Spring/Summer 2008
Lamp post lights up!
Sorry, Sold Out

Momma, Grammy
& Darla...
Generations of Love
Spring/Summer 2008
Grenville & Beatrice...Best Friends Hope Angelwish and Every Child Momma McBear and Caledonia...Quiet Time
Grenville & Beatrice...
Best Friends
Email me for pricing
Hope Angelwish and Everychild...Bless Our Children

Email me for pricing
Momma McBear and Caledonia...Quiet Time

Email me for pricing
Simone de Bearvoire & Her Mom, My Auntie Alice Mr. & Mrs Bearlove Water Globe Nanny & Tristan...Bedtime Stories Water Globe
Simone de Bearvoire
& Her Mom,
My Auntie Alice

Email me for pricing
Mr. & Mrs Bearlove
...I Do
Musical Water Globe
Tune: Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Spring 2007

Nanny & Tristan...
Bedtime Stories
Musical Water Globe
Tune: Brahms Lullaby
Spring 2007

James and Kathleen with Baby Blessings...The Christening Water Globe Doug and Jill...A Day to Remember Water Globe Diane & Joanie...Sisters Forever Water Globe
James and Kathleen
with Baby Blessings...
The Christening
Musical Water Globe
Tune: Jesus Loves the Little Children
Fall 2004

Doug and Jill...
A Day to Remember
Musical Water Globe
Tune: Love is a
Many Splendid Thing
Spring 2004

Diane and Joanie...
Sisters Forever
Water Globe
Fall 2003

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