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Boyds Bearstones®
Making Ya Smile

This is where you'll find some Boyds bearstones® that make ya smile. Some are current, others are older, secondary market ones.

They can be ordered individually...or, if they are from the current regular line, you can include them in a Boyds Home Party with all of its benefits, including FREE stuff!

Email me to check availability of current 1Es.

Norman Bearsitall...Oops!

Email us to check availability of any particular bear
and availability of 1Es.

Click on any of the pictures below to view a larger image.

Buzzy Chancetaker...Out on a Limb
Henrietta Haymaker...Hangin' with My Peeps
Marisol Flutterlee...Butterfly Kisses
Buzzy Chancetaker...
Out on a Limb
Spring/Summer 2009

Henrietta Haymaker...
Hangin' with My Peeps
Spring/Summer 2008

Marisol Flutterlee...
Butterfly Kisses
Spring/Summer 2009
Ms. Dee Nyle...That's Better!
Sharon & Hopper...Sweet Times
Norman Bearsitall...Oops!
Ms. Dee Nyle...
That's Better!
Spring/Summer 2009

Sharon & Hopper...
Sweet Times
Spring/Summer 2009
Norman Bearsitall...

H. B. Bearsley...Celebrate! Ms Needsemall...One of Each Please! Bubbles Bearsall Musical Water Globe
H. B. Bearsley...
Functional hinged box
with removable
mini-H.B. Bearsley

Ms. Needsemall...
One of Each Please!
Limited Edition of 5,000!

Bubbles Bearsall
Musical Water Globe #270626
Sorry - Sold Out.
Carolina Counting...Just the Way I Am Bubbles McBeansley Water Globe Bethany Sanditoes...A Day At The Beach Water Globe
Calorina Counting...
Just the Way I Am
#228479 - TBR
Fall 2006

Bubbles McBeansley
Musical Water Globe
Tune: My Favorite Things
Spring 2005
Sorry - Sold Out.
Bethany Sanditoes...
A Day At The Beach
Musical Water Globe
Tune: Happy Days
Are Here Again
Spring 2004

Esther Hippydipper...Summer Olympics Water Globe   Jellie B. Bearypickins...Lil' Patch of Sunshine Water Globe
Esther Hippydipper...
Summer Olympics
Musical Water Globe
Tune: Over the Waves
Spring 2002

  Jellie B. Bearypickins...
Lil' Patch of Sunshine
Musical Water Globe
Tune: In The Good Old Summer Time
Spring 2002
Sorry - Sold Out.

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