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Boyds Bearstones

This is where you'll find Boyds bearstones® - those that celebrate family, those that depict our pastimes and professions, the Americana series, and those that just make us smile. You'll also find links to the Bubba bearstone® series. These are all from the Boyds regular line.

They can be ordered individually...or, if they are from the current regular line, you can include them in a Boyds Home Party with all of its benefits, including FREE stuff!

Email me to check availability of 1Es.

Marisol Flutterlee...Butterfly Kisses
Marisol Flutterlee...
Butterfly Kisses
matches the plush
fashion family
(click picture for details)

H.B. Bearsley

Mia Goodfriend

Looking for the newest releases? We'll post pictures soon. Looking for something you missed from a past season? Check out some of the seasonal links below.

Looking for a bearstone® that's a little older? Check out the Older/Retired page. Or are you looking for a Licensed figurine? Check that page.
Neville...The Bedtime Bear
Deborah...Have a Coke & a Smile

And don't forget to check out the Boyds Holiday/Special Occasion bears and/or the Exclusives (by clicking the links in the left panel).

In addition to organizing the bearstones® by season, we've also categorized them by type. You can search either way. Just click on any of the pictures below to go to that page. Don't see what you're looking for? Email me. Bears Against MS might have it or be able to get it for you. And remember, we're always adding new bearstones®, so check back often.

The Heartlees - Spring/Summer 2009 Alexandra - Fall/Winter 2008 bearstones Sunny - Click for Spring/Summer 2008 bearstones



Calorina Counting -  Click for 2007 and 2006 bearstones

View by year
Check by theme
Happy Birthday Charlie Bears

Elgin...The Elf Bear - Click for older bearstones
2007 & 2006 Older/Retired
Mary & Oliver - Click for Celebrating Family bearstones Norman Bearsitall - Click for Making Ya Smile bearstones Mamie Bearsvelt - Click for Americana bearstones

Making Ya
Barbara Genletouch with Goerge - Click for Professions bearstones Amos - Click for Bubba Bearstones Cookie Bakesalot with Lil' Helper - Click for Pastimes bearstones


M&M's Red Peeker - Click for Licensed Bearstones Make sure to check out the other great Boyds resin items, via the links in the left side panel. And don't forget the Exclusives! Susan - Click for Waterglobes


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