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Customer Rewards Program

Bears Against MS is pleased to offer its Customer Rewards Program. It's our way of thanking our wonderful collectors who, whether in one day or one year, adopt multiple bears from us.

Register to participate in the program and enjoy all the benefits, including FREE bears. After you've registered, for each Charlie Bear or Clemens Bear that you adopt (at RRP), you'll earn one BAMS Paw. After you've collected five (5) paws* (no card to punch, we'll keep track of your adoptions for you), you'll start receiving free gifts and other benefits.

BAMS Paw Once you've collected your first five (5) BAMS Paws - You'll qualify as a BAMS Cub and you will receive a free gift.

BAMS Paw We want to make your birthday beary special, so once you qualify as a BAMS Cub, any purchases made by your friends and family (assuming they are not BAMS Customer Rewards Program members themselves) and delivered to you as a gift during the 2 weeks prior to your birthday, can count towards your BAMS Paws. So you'll want to make sure your friends and family have your bear wish list and the Bears Against MS email address (

BAMS Paw Do you know other bear collectors? Encourage them to also register* and once they've collected their first two (2) BAMS Paws - You'll receive a "Thank you for the referral" gift.

BAMS Paw Collect ten (10) BAMS Paws (total, not in addition to the 5 required for BAMS Cub status) - You'll qualify as a BAMS Bruin and will receive a FREE Charlie Bear of your choice (subject to certain limitations)*, and then another for every additional 10 BAMS Paws that you collect.

BAMS Paw Deposit on pre-orders of Isabelle Collection limited edition bears waived for BAMS Bruins.
BAMS Paw Once you qualify as a BAMS Bruin, you may receive beary special offers during the month of your birthday. Other specials may also be offered during the year.

BAMS Paw As a BAMS Bruin, you'll receive first notification of any special purchases* made by Bears Against MS and offered to its collectors.

BAMS Paw After you've earned a hundred (100) BAMS Paws (total), you'll qualify as a BAMS Silver Bruin with additional benefits. After you've earned two hundred (200) BAMS Paws (total), you'll qualify as a BAMS Golden Bruin with the ultimate benefits.

Ready to become a Bears Against MS Customer Rewards Program member? Click here for a pdf version of the application form that you can print, manually complete and either scan and email back to us or mail to us. Or, if you'd prefer a Microsoft Word version of the form that you can save to your computer, complete and email back to us, click here and put "Customer Rewards Application Request" in the subject line of an email to us and we'll email the form to you. (Unfortunately we are having a problem with our online application, so don't currently have available a form that you can simply fill in online.)

* The Bears Against MS Customer Rewards Program is really beary simple, but you know there has to be some fine (paw) print, right? Want to read it first before you complete the application form? We encourage you to do so. Here it is...

The Fine (Paw) Print:

By joining the BAMS Customer Rewards Program, you agree to receive email notifications from us and be added to our e-newletter mailing list. You MUST stay a subscriber to our e-newsletter mailing list to remain a BAMS Customer Rewards Program member. If you unsubscribe from our mailing list, your membership will automatically be cancelled.

BAMS Paws are not transferrable. On the other hand, they do not expire. There is no set time period during which paws must be earned or used. We want you to be able to adopt your bears as quickly or as gradually as fits your circumstances.

To qualify for BAMS Cub status, at least 3 of the 5 paws collected must be for the adoption of full size bears. To qualify for BAMS Bruin status, at least 7 of the 10 paws collected must be for the adoption of full size bears. (In other words, you can't just buy Bag Buddies or Travel Buddies to qualify.)

To qualify for the "Thank you for the referral" gift, you must have been listed as the person referring the new member to the BAMS Customer Rewards Program on that person's application form and they cannot be an existing Bears Against MS customer at the time of their application.

Currently BAMS Paws are only awarded for the adoption of Charlie Bears (at RRP), including the Plush Collection, the Baby Safe Collection, the Isabelle Collection, and the Minimo Collection, as well as Clemens Bears (at RRP). In most cases, the value of your BAMS Paw is equal to 10% of the adoption fee of the qualifying bear; however, 2017 Isabelle Collection and Minimo Collection bears may be calculated at a slightly lower rate due to our reduced margins on those bears.

Bears with discount pricing and Today's Special Offer bears do not qualify. Secondary market bears of all kinds and new Boyds Bears do not qualify (but see our Boyds Home Party Program for details on our Boyds benefit program). Some artist bears may qualify for BAMS Paws on a limited basis. If you are interested in a particular artist bear, you can email Valerie to ask if it qualifies and if so under what basis.

eBay purchases do not qualify. While we may have a similar bear that is not listed on eBay, we are not able to sell any specific bear listed on eBay outside of eBay while the listing is current.

You may choose your free Charlie Bear or Clemens Bear (provided for 10 BAMS Paws), subject to availability (if we only have one of that bear remaining, we reserve the right not to provide it for free). The value of your free bear will be calculated based on the adoption fees for the 10 bears for which the paws were awarded. If you are interested in a 2017 Isabelle Collection or Minimo Collection bear as your free bear, it may qualify under a different pricing schedule. You can email Valerie to ask under what basis it qualifies.

If you wish to adopt a bear with a higher RRP than the value of your BAMS Paws, you may do so by paying the difference.

The BAMS Customer Rewards Program member is required to pay for shipping and insurance charges and any taxes due on any free bear or other gift provided as part of the program.

Quantities of any special purchases available may well be less than the number of BAMS Bruins receiving first notification, so allocation will still be on a first come, first served basis.

To remain a member of the BAMS Customer Rewards Program, we ask that you please notify us if you change any of your contact information (email, snail mail or telephone).

While we will try to notify all program members in advance of any changes to the BAMS Customer Rewards Program, we reserve the right to change any benefits, terms and conditions, without notice.

Okay, now are your ready to become a Bears Against MS Customer Rewards Program member? Click here for the pdf version of the application form or click here to request the Word version of the application form.

Terms updated 04/21/17.

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