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BAMS Videos

Sample Video

Click the image above to find all our current videos in one spot
but then please check back often as we're always adding more.

Before adopting a bear, we all love to be able to
hold the bear in our hands, run our fingers through the fur,
look into the bear's eyes and know it's the one
when he or she says "choose me, choose me."
Unfortunately that's not always possible.
So what's the next best thing?
A Bears Against MS Video.

As you check the different Charlie Bear pages
on the Bears Against MS website
(be it the new or a previous season, plush, mohair or minimo)
you'll occasionally see this video icon.

Video Icon

When you click on that icon, it takes you to that particular bear's
information page where, in addition to more detailed information,
you'll also find a video presentation of that bear.
In the video you can see the color and texture of the fur,
the facial features, the paw pads, as well as
a closeup look at the bear's accessories (bow or necklace).
You'll also hear about who designed the bear,
its limited edition quantity, if applicable, and much more.
All so that you can make a more informed decision about,
and maybe even a more emotional connection with,
the bears that will join your hug.

Since we are continually adding more videos,
in additional to the individual ones that you'll find
throughout the Bears Against MS website,
we also have a complete listing and access to
each of our videos all in one place.
To access the Portfolio with all our videos, hosted by,
click the image below or enter the following address in your web browser.

Vimeo Portfolio
Video Portfolio

The list features the videos in alphabetical order.
View them all or use the search feature
(top right corner of the listing page) to find a particular bear.
If you don't see the one for which you're looking,
it means he or she has been camera shy
and isn't featured in a video yet.
Email us and let us know whom you'd like to see featured
and we'll try to coax that bear out for a video presentation.
Photos of individiual bears are still available for viewing
in the
Bears Against MS photo folder on Dropbox.

Our newer videos should play automatically when you click
the "Play" arrow at the bottom left corner of the video.
There is no need to first wait for these videos to download
(as was the case with the videos we posted last year).
You can view full screen by clicking the 4-arrow icon
in the bottom right corner of the video.

Please feel free to share either any of the individual videos
or the link to our Vimeo Portfolio
with friends and family, other bear collectors or on social media.
The videos can be downloaded or embedded.

Quantities available mentioned in the videos are subject to change.
All other information provided (e.g. type of fur, filling etc.)
is believed to be correct according to the information
provided to us, but is not guaranteed.

Now, sit back and enjoy one of our videos,
who better to feature than Charlie Year Bear (click the video below)
or check out all the videos by clicking here.

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