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Customer service is of the utmost importance to us.
Being a teddy bear collector, with a huge personal hug,
helps us understand what collectors look for
from the company with which they deal
when searching for the perfect teddy.
We are proud to have a 100% 5-star customer review rating
on our Facebook page
as well as a 100% positive eBay rating.
Below are a few of the Bears Against MS reviews.

Customer Reviews

Valerie definitely makes the experience very special.
You don’t feel like it’s just another purchase.
It’s an adoption and special memories
of a cherished new friend.

Brenda E - Maryland 2020

Valerie is extremely patient and nice. It's my first time buying
from her, it's my first time receiving personalized greeting card
and adoption certificate when buying a collectible.
She made my bear not just a toy but a life time companion.
Some of her bears don't offer free shipping
but once I knew she donates a portion of her income
to the MS charity, it just made my adoption more meaningful.

Baily B - Maryland 2020

DeeDee is more beautiful than I expected
and you wrapped her with such TLC.
Your notes are special and the special and pretty purple stone
necklace to match the bear is such a special touch.
You are so diligent with your business and I appreciate
the attention you put into everything from your website and folders
to quick e-mail responses. Your love for this business is SO evident
when you package and send off your little bears.
I am one extremely pleased customer.

Jackie J - Tennessee 2018

Valerie is such a pleaseure to deal with and she has such a great
selection of Charlie Bears. I love the adoption papers
and thank you notes that come with the bears.
They are packaged with great care and they arrive
very quickly. I'm very happy to say that I'm only loyal to her,
as a stockist, because of the experiences I've had dealing with her.

Nancy S - Pennsylvania 2018

Awesome, is all I have to say.
I have enjoyed my shopping on this site
and Valerie has been great.

Shirley H - South Carolina 2018

I have multiple sclerosis and love teddy bears
so when I saw this page it really made my day.
I adopted both Jenkins and Wotsit from BAMS and I am so happy!
I love how they come with adoption certificates.
Valerie is a wonderful person to adopt from
and has a lot of lovely bears to choose from.
Valerie answers any questions you may have,
and she's very helpful. The site is amazing and easy to use.
I feel like I've discovered a gold honey pot
at an end of a rainbow with all the adorable, beautiful,
hard-to-find Charlie Bears at BAMS.
And not only that, I am also raising money for MS with each purchase.
It's a win, win. I can't wait to adopt another one!

Becca H. - Michigan 2018

Great U.S. stockist. Answers all my questions.
Love the videos and pictures of bears in real time
not catalogue pictures. This way it's like being right there shopping.
The faces always call me.

Kelly F - Ontario, Canada 2016

Received my gorgeous Duffy and Blackberry Crumble
and I couldn't be happier! Love the little birth cerificates, too!
Wonderful to deal with and amazing bears to choose from.
I feel like I've discovered a secret treasure trove
of the most beautiful, hard-to-find Charlie Bears with BAMS.
Can't wait to adopt another one!

Kristen B - Ohio 2015

Fast turnaround - always available when you have a question
or want to place an order. WOW! Bears show up
in perfect condition, well cared for and presented perfectly.
I love the small touches - they are remembered!!
Pam L - New Jersey 2015

Valerie has a huge selection of bears new and retired
at great prices with fast and reliable service.
She is a great retailer and I couldn't recommend using Valerie
and Bears Against MS more!

Jeremy N - Ontario, Canada 2014

Such a sweet scruptious place to adopt a bear.
Love love love this place.

Sarah D - Texas 2014

Bears Against MS, what can I say, but that it is a total
bear collector's dream! She has just about everything you
could possibly want for your bear collecting needs
and those of us who are bear collectors know,
that we NEED bears! Valerie herself is a total true bear collector.
She herself has one of the most extensive collections of bears
I think in probably the world and I'm not exaggerating!
So that of course runs over into her business
and her passion for bears. She is wonderful to deal with
and will do just about everything she can to help you
find that special bear that you need.
I myself have bought over 100 bears from Valerie
over the past 5 years and she has been wonderful to deal with
over every one of them. So I would highly recommend Valerie
as a very satisfying business to deal with
to make your bear dreams come true!!!

Terry B - Florida 2014

Bears Against MS is a truly wonderful USA stockist.
I don't even know the number of bears that I have
adopted through Valerie, but it is a lot.
She gives great customer service, is always willing to answer
any questions that you might have and gets the bear to you
as quickly as possible. My husband and I were in Florida
this past December and she even made arrangements to meet us
at Epcot. We had an amaziing visit, getting to know one another
and chatting about Charlie Bear! She also has one of the best
websites in my opinion with a section devoted to the older
and out of stock bears, which I love to look at.
All in all, I would give a glowing recommendation to BAMS
for anyone wanting to adopt a Charlie Bear.

Pam M - Kansas 2014

Bears Against MS has set a high standard.
I have bought many bears from this excellent company
and have never been disappointed. Customer service is gracious
and efficient. Shipping is always completed in a timely manner.
The BAMS website is like no other. It is well organized
and the photos and descriptions are wonderful.
The year that the bear was introduced is in the description.
I find that helpful. BAMS has older CB bears
which I enjoy seeing and adopting. The website is designed
to assist you in finding just the right bear for your hug.
I appreciate knowing that MS is being supported every time
I adopt a bear.

Julie R - California 2014

Very nice customer sevice from Valerie.
Heleni L - Hawaii 2014

I adopted my first 3 Charlie Bears from BAMS several years ago.
I remember the day clearly. Valerie and her husband Murphy
were so helpful answering my questions, showing me different bears
and allowing me to "hug" many a bear. If my wallet would have
permitted, I would have gone home with a huge hug.
I live in PA and BAMS is in Florida, but that has not stopped
our relationship from growing. Valerie has helped me in my search
for many bears, answered many a question and kept us all informed
of CB happenings. My hug has grown significantly over the years
and the majority of my bears have been adopted from BAMS.
I look forward every day to checking Facebook
for the "bear of the day" that is featured. And I especially
like the "dropbox" page where all the bears awaiting adoption
are shown. It is like having the "store" right here in my home.
5 stars aren't enough...but it is all they allow!

Dianne M - Pennsylvania 2014

Below are some of the eBay feedback comments we've received:

Excellent eBayer, would buy thru in a heartbeat!

Would love to deal with this seller again! Terrific experience!

Love! A+++++++++++

Such a wonderful seller to work with.
So sweet will buy again. Very quick.

A+++ Wonderful seller - a real pleasure,
great customer service - love the bear!

Excellent in every way! Thank you so much.
I will be back. Highly recommend!

Truly superior customer service - pure perfection,
and I love both bears! Thanks.

Wonderful seller! Amazing delivery speed! Beautiful bear!
Thank you so much!

If you would like your testimonial to be added to this page,
please send your comments and star rating
(5 = excellent through 1 = poor)

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